Dunalley Primary School & Tasman High School

Bream Creek / Marion Bay
Eagle Hawk Neck
Emmanual Christion School
Emmanuel Christian School
Suthern Support School / Rosny College


Bus Pass Application for students who attend Emmanuel, that are aplying for the Free Pass. this link will take you to dept State Growth website.

If you are a Fare Paying Student: that is one that the family does not have access to a Pension Card, Centrelink Card or Health Care Card. Fares are paid for each trip each day unless an account has been set up with us via email - belbins@bigpond.com.

Details regarding fares are also on the website in the link above. Fares are $1.60 per trip unless you are paying for more than 10 trips at a time. Then the fare reduces to $1.28 ea trip per child.