Dunalley Primary School

Bream Creek / Marion Bay
Eagle Hawk Neck
Tasman District School   from Copping to Eagle Hawk Neck to meet the Tasman Bus Service
Emmanual Christion School & Bayview College
Emmanuel Christian School
Southern Support School / Rosny College


Bus Pass Application for students who attend Emmanuel, that are aplying for the Free Pass.

the above link will take you to dept State Growth website.

If you are a Fare Paying Student: that is one that the family does not have access to a Pension Card, Centrelink Card or Health Care Card.

Fares are paid for each trip each day unless an account has been set up with us via email - belbins@bigpond.com.

Details regarding fares are also on the website in the link above. Fares are $1.70 per trip unless you are paying for more than 10 trips at a time.

The Fare then reduces to $1.36 ea trip per child.